FFL Dealer documentation

FFL Dealers WooCommerce plugin only works on the websites that has WooCommerce plugin. These eCommerce stores can implement user-friendly features that benefit the dealers and their customers. FFL Dealers provides a service that everybody needs in the process of buying FFL products online. the plugin will provide you very latest dealers information nearby you. the plugin has more than 80 thousands unique dealers available and dealers information will be updating from atf.gov in every month automatically. it’s totally free of cost.

You can see dashboard features here:

User: a68ki
Password: Jf390″&(WQ1X
Login: https://ffl.fraxzon.com/wp-admin/


1. General :

2. Blacklist:

3. Defaults Dealers:

4.Google Map:


Upgrade to the premium version of the FLL dealer plugin to unlock a seamless integration for updated dealer database. With the premium version, clients gain access to the latest FLL dealer information according to ATF in every month, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips. Enjoy all the features and functionalities of the free version but to get updated dealer database, purchase your licence key!. Purchase from Here

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